Hippy from the plains.

Well! I am not a writer nor a professional photographer but yes I do feel that even though words do not always come to me that easily but visual communication somewhere remains my strength.

While I don’t identify myself as a writer/photographer/blogger I’ve always liked travelling and have somewhat been a great admirer of my own aesthetic sense (not having any airs about it though)😎

Even though the initial years of life did not witness much of travelling experiences but whenever I did i really believed that every experience did impact itself on my psyche. As time passed by somewhere along the way, my life became focused on typical adult worries we all aware of ; careers, job, making a living and no time for travel or persuing my passion.

Just like evryone else I have my own baggage that I intend to carry with all my heart. Unfortunately I am not that affluent and haven’t won any jackpot yet, I have a profession that takes majority of my time but at the same time also provides me with opportunity to meet new ppl n’ get to know their life experiences (good n’ bad both.)

Now, in between this struggle of finding solution to people’s problems and sometimes being too driven out myself by them I discovered my passion for travel and photography, and realised how much happiness it gave me.

Even though I have never carried journals to document my travel experiences (which I intend to do now) but yes my phone somehow always had my travel experiences intact (whatever little I had).

I am much of a procrastinator (honest confessions) so writing something about my experiences and sharing them with my ppl, even though was on the list but it unfortunately never actually happened. But, a few days back literally while sitting in the mountains n’ scrolling through the pictures in my phone I realised I was actually scrolling through my experiences n’ as I kept scrolling through the roll I was instantly transported back to the sights and sounds of the places I have been to, remembering almost every fine detail (if not all).

Amidst the various thoughts that crossed my mind , one being that I’m not a very good writer, so why a blog? (It eventually might happen when I wud feel ppl have developed a tolerance for my amateur writing too).🙈More importantly I feel these posts would be a home for my adventure stories. The ups, the downs and everything between. I’ll share photos, video and stories from the places I /my ppl visit and the cultures we explore. (Whatever little it may be).

I hope these posts would inspire you, to add fuel to your wanderlust, especially the one’s who have never been out (like the earlier me) I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

Everything is new for me, I hope I would improve with time with all your support and inputs.

We can share stories & ideas and communicate and I will try to bring a smile on your faces by the stories that I come across n’ that brighten me up 😊. It may be slow n’ boring at times but yes I will try to catch up (killing the procrastinator in me).

Once again I thank each one of you on being a part of my maiden journey and making it so very special for me🤗

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